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The City of Gladewater and the Gladewater Economic Development Corporation seek to
have a strong, locally grown economy that is tourist friendly. Gladewater will increase its
presence and reputation as a destination city and become the most desirable place in East
Texas. Emphasis will be given to projects that align with the motto “Shop, Eat, Stay, and
Play in Gladewater”.
This policy will address the business aspects of this vision statement by providing targeted
incentives to attract entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in Gladewater.

The City of Gladewater and GEDCO seek to create a vibrant community where:
• The U.S. Highway 80 corridor and Downtown are attractive so that a positive
impression of the community is created.
• Investment in commercial buildings is stimulated so that local jobs are created, and
tax revenue generated.
• Investment risk in blighted and distressed properties is reduced.
• Occupancy of the U.S. Highway 80 corridor and Downtown are increased
• Safety and ADA issues are resolved
• The lifecycle of existing historic buildings is extended

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