Company Name Category Employment
Texas Die Casting, Inc. Alum Die Casting 135
3D Plastics Plastics Molding 90
TICO Oilfield & Industrial Electrical 37
Vital Earth Resources Horticultural Soils 40
Spencer Harris Oil Field Repair/Service/Fabrication 50
Allstate Coatings Company Paving Maintenance Products 12
Cutting Edge Machine & Tool Machine and Tool 28
Sales USA Bottle Juice Company 20
Timco Heavy Steel Fabrication 7
Tommy Ellis Trucking Transportation 65
M-3 Contractors Oilfield Services 20
L&M Construction Building Construction 15

Gladewater Featured Business

Texas Die Casting manufactures aluminum die cast components for a wide range of markets, including: appliance, automotive, electronics, instruments and general industry.

Texas Die Casting, opened in Gladewater, Texas in 1984 with a 28,000 square foot manufacturing facility. With hard work, outstanding quality, and dependable service we have successfully expanded our facility to exceed 75,000 square feet and have tripled our manufacturing capabilities.

In addition to outstanding growth in our die cast department, our secondary machining operations have continued to grow to meet the varied needs of our customers, including: drilling, tapping, turning, boring, milling, sanding, shot blasting, vibratory finish, and more.